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Wholesale Recycle Polyester Yarn

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120D, 150D, All sorts of color, Made of polyester fiber

Usage Scenario

Ring spinning is a traditional common processing method,because it exhibits significant advantages in comparison with the new spinning processes.Most cotton yarn is still processed in this way.Ring spinning frame will continue to be the most widely used form of spinning machine in the near future.

Ring spinning is essentially a discontinuous process in which the short raw fiber goes through a series of machines that transform it into a continuous strand of yarn.The major production stages of ring spinning are opening,blending,carding,drawing,roving,and spinning,which includes twisting and winding.

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Product Description

Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Dyed
Style: dty
Technics: RING SPUN
Yarn Type: DTY, Fdy, Filament, POY, Spun
Feature: Anti-Bacteria, Anti-pilling, Sustainable, Recycled
Use: Embroidery, Hand Knitting, Knitting, Weaving
Twist: knitting and weaving using

Evenness: AA GRADE
Yarn Count: 150D/48F
Strength: knitting and weaving using
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: JITONG
Model Number: LYJT150D
Item: polyester filament yarn dty 150D

Product Parameters

Product Item: Polyester yarn
Material: 100% polyester
Filement Type: DTY
Specification: 75D/36F
Intermingle:  NIM,SIM
Grade: AA
Filement: 48F/96F/144F
Usage: Knitting & Weaving
Package: N.W. 5-6kg/cone  6 cones for 1 carton,G.W. 32-35kg/carton
MOQ: 1,000kg/color

Product Use

DTY                                      NIM&SIM, Semi-Dull&Bright
 Black & dope dyed colors
50D/72F75D/36F,72F,144F100D/36F,48F,96F,144F150D/48F,96F,144F,288F 200D/96F,144F,288F300D/96F,144F,288F
                       FDYTrilobal Bright & Semi-Dull
& dope dyed colors 
Semi-Dull40D/24F    50D/24F55D/24F    58D/24F61D/24F    68D/24F75D/36F,72F,144F100D/48F,72F 120D/96F150D/96F  200D/96F

300D/96F 400D/192F


500D/96F,192F 600D/192F

Bright 50D/36F    68D/36F75D/36F    108D/48F150D/85F  200D/96F240D/96F 

Material Style

Product Type Cotton/Acrylic Blended Yarn
Pattern of Yarn Raw Material without dyeing
Application Hand Knitting,Weaving
Technics Ring-spinning
Feature Anti-Static, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-pilling, Anti-UV, Alkali-Proof, Anti-Insects,Recycled, Acid-proof,Abrasion-Resistant,Sustainable
Color Can be customized
Place of Origin Shandong Province,China

Production Process

Polyester yarn refers to the yarn spun with polyester as raw material. Polyester is a kind of polymer fiber made by spinning, which mostly refers to the fiber produced with ethyldiphthalate as raw material. According to its raw material English name "polyethylene terephthalate" abbreviation, referred to as "PET" fiber. It is commonly known as dacron in China. The so-called "yarn" actually refers to the general name of "yarn" and "thread", which is defined as follows in clothing material science: "yarn" is a long and thin object with a certain strength and linear density composed of many short fibers or filaments arranged in an approximate parallel state and rotated along the axial direction. A "thread" is a strand made of two or more single yarns twisted together. Yarn is cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber and other fibers elongated and twisted into thin strands (usually used as raw materials for weaving), and then used cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other thin strands of materials into a multi-strand, called thread.

Quality Control

Each piece of goods by more than five years of experience of the old master personally processing, processing to complete more than 10 years of experience of the factory director will personally inspect the goods, the final test qualified will be issued.

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Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the development concept of "specialization, refinement, and strength", taking "high-quality products" as the goal and improving "customer satisfaction" as its own responsibility. Quality first, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

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Packaging Details

Packed in cones,12 or 6 cones/ per paper carton, uneven cones.

Port Shanghai/Ningbo,China

Lead Time

According to the order quantity

After-sales And Settlement

After - sale service quality, provide professional one - on - one


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