Yarn Shanghai international popular yarn exhibition

Spring rain, such as silkworms spinning, spinning spinning spinning spinning yarn.  The 36th Shanghai International Fashion Yarn Show, which lasted for three days, came late compared with previous years, but the scene is still fascinating.  It is a great honor for Gengsen (the factory of Irwire Co., LTD.) to participate in this exhibition.


Gengsen's new season series of recycled yarn and fabric products come to the world like messengers of spring and summer. The bright and fresh colors and the simple and clear booth set off an interest, awakening the sleeping minds of our customers. Every color card and every garment radiates the vitality of spring and the rivulet of summer, just like the wind blowing through the forest and leaves turning over the waves, the waves still sound; Such as fireflies gather small trickles, little twinkle, bright bright.
Green, an everlasting theme, originates from the original appearance of nature and continues the wisdom of growth of all things. In the regeneration series of products, Geng Sen makes textile return to the ecological essence, to meet the urbanites' desire for nature and concern for health. Using RECYCLED fibers such as TERRYL, TENCEL, NAIA, or RECYCLED NYLON, CONSINEE, TOPLINE products such as SERI, MADARA, CLEA, ODA, etc. Not only in the feel, touch, look and feel to maintain comfortable, soft, gorgeous characteristics, but also greatly reduce unnecessary emissions, reduce energy consumption, to customers we have been adhering to the spirit of innovation, exquisite and pioneering.
During the exhibition, the gengsen booth was crowded with customers from all sides. The new season products are the most frequent focus of customer consultation, and The various categories of Connie can always meet customer personalized needs. At the same time, the company launched all offline product information. Digital color cards restore the essence of details, providing customers with multi-channel, all-weather, anytime and anywhere easy to browse, consult and buy the way.

Post time: Mar-29-2022